Viajero Hostels at Argentina

Viajero Hostels at Argentina

An exciting destination

Traveling to Argentina for a few days immerses you in a world of passions. You'll live soccer as if you were warming up to go in to play, savor the food, the roasts, and the exquisite wines as if you would not eat anymore tomorrow, dance tango with great sensuality, or go out to party from one place to another, as Argentinians do.

We'll be waiting for you in Buenos Aires, in the Paris of South America, where the Latin atmosphere and European charm combine in one place.

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A few days in Argentina

There are countless plans and recommendations to make during your vacation in Argentina. But you cannot leave this country without tasting more than five different wines or trying the famous asado porteño, where the meat is so soft that it can even be cut with a spoon. Do not miss the tour of the bohemian neighborhood of San Telmo, the class on Mate, the porteño language, and the Tour to La Bomba del Tiempo. With this and a bit of passion, you can be seen as an Argentine on your next visit.

What is your next destination?

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