Viajero Hostels in Colombia

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Viajero Hostels in Colombia

Traveling to Colombia is a journey to the depths of diversity. From the magical beaches of Tayrona, through the tallest palm trees in the world in Valle del Cocora, through the streets of art and urban culture of Medellín, and the vibe and salsa culture of Cali. In any of our nine destinations in Colombia, you can get to know this friendly culture passionate about dance, music, mountains, seas, and morning coffee.

Colombia is waiting for you to play Tejo in Bogotá, learn to dance bachata in Cartagena, dive in San Andrés, and try local flavors in Santa Marta.

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A few days in Colombia

In Colombia, your vacations will be anything but monotonous.

If your plans include spending a few days walking, getting to know the culture of a city and its local gastronomy, or if you prefer to have a few days off immersed in nature or want to rest on a Caribbean beach, Colombia is your destination.

We recommend you travel by land. You will see the difference in ecosystems, cultures, and customs so rich that this country has. Whatever your destination in Colombia, you can't leave without salsa dancing, tropical fruit tasting, a cup of Colombian coffee, and a chat with a local.

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