Sustainability at Viajero Hostels

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Sustainability at Viajero Hostels

Because How We Travel Matters


At Viajero Hostels, we seek to break the mold of what is expected from a hostel.Here, you'll find a space to rest and where tourists become Travelers and mindful explorers of the world. We shift perspectives and help forge connections between guests, local communities, and diverse cultures,all under a common banner:a greener and more empathetic future with our communities


We call sustainability "Turista? No, Viajero" (Not a Tourist? A Traveler.)


Because we are convinced that to leave a positive impact—economic, social, and environmental—in each of our destinations, we need a hand, well, many hands: yours, our team's, our suppliers', friendly organizations, and, of course, the communities that host us. Only by joining forces can we build a culture of care, repairing what's been affected and preserving what makes each destination unique.

Our essence has a Latin rhythm and vibe. That's why we seek to proudly care for and exalt the cultural richness of our destinations, offering you and other travelers empathetic and bold experiences that inspire a connection with the essence of the space you're visiting.

We are newcomers on this exciting journey toward sustainability, but we are committed to transforming your journey and ours into a conscious and inspiring one.

Are you joining us on this journey?

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Our Commitments and Impact on Sustainability


We summarize our commitment to sustainability in 3 main pledges: 

1. Conscious Travelers

Through rewarding experiences and education, we aim for Viajero Hostels' travelers to connect empathetically, responsibly, and consciously with the local community, culture, and entrepreneurs.

2. Sustainable Destinations
We care for, restore, and conserve destinations with sustainable infrastructure, design, and operations to ensure they remain a paradise for today's and tomorrow's travelers.
3. Culture and Diverse Talent
We celebrate diversity and human talent by creating a well-being, training, and development space.​
At Viajero, we travel with purpose! That's why education and conscious decision-making are in our DNA. We commit to maximizing positive impact and reducing our negative footprint on the planet.
Because how we travel does matter!

This is the beginning of a long journey; we focus on three pillars: 

1. Educational experiences that generate a positive social and environmental impact.
2. Empathy and deep connection with the local community.
3. Promotion of entrepreneurship and inclusive local development.

Download the googd Viajero handbook here

At each destination of Viajero Hostels, we work on the following aspects of design, infrastructure, and operation:

1. Eco-efficiencyand action against climate change.
2. Sustainable value chain in every operation.
3. Biodiversity and conservation of the space.
Sustainability at Viajero began some time ago with our genuine concern for having a diverse team and talent who can be authentic, valued, and respected in their differences.

We want to continue focusing our efforts on consolidating an employer brand recognized for:

  • Talent Attraction
  • Training and Development
  • Well-being and Health
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Where do we want to be in 5 years?



1. Sustainable experiences that generate positive social and environmental impact.



2. Eco-friendly products with high social impact in local communities in all our destinations.


3. Access to a digital directory of local, sustainable entrepreneurs in each location.





1. Commitment to reducing and compensating 100% of our C02 emissions.


2. Implement environmental conservation practices, including recycling and composting, and reduce water and energy consumption by 25%.


3. Adoption of sustainable standards in all new operations, including eliminating the use of single-use plastics in 70% of our hostels.




1. We will promote development and labor inclusion for local people and underrepresented communities.


2. We will implement inclusive and bias-free recruitment and selection processes, guaranteeing diversity.


3.Commitment to certify 70% of our operations in diversity and inclusion while cultivating a culture of well-being and mental health and offering more than 60,000 hours of training for team development.

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