Viajero Hostels in Ecuador

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Viajero Hostels in Ecuador

Suppose you are looking for outdoor adventures, conquering mountains, experiencing Latin American culture up close, and getting to know the famous half of the world. In that case, Viajero Quito in Ecuador is the destination for you. From this hostel in Quito, you can enjoy walks through Natural Parks surrounded by mountains, through colonial and neo-Gothic churches, or spend a few days immersed in Ecuadorian culture.

We will be waiting for you at Viajero Quito, in the heart of the city's Historic Center.

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A few days in Ecuador

Ecuador will surprise you with the variety of plans or activities you can experience during your vacations. Hike the Cotopaxi National Park, known for the active volcano with snow on top. Get to know the Quilotoa Lagoon, the volcano with water in its crater. Feel the thrill of simultaneously being in two hemispheres of the world when you visit the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo complex. These plans and many more you can enjoy during your visit to Ecuador.

What is your next destination?

If you book through our website, you will receive 10% on your next visits to any Viajero hostel.