We are a team of full-time Travelers

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We are a team of full-time Travelers

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It all started in 2005 when Federico Lavagna, the big boss, opened the first Viajero in Montevideo, in his native Uruguay. Fede, passionate about travel, had already traveled the world as a backpacker and had realized two things that made a traveler's experience different: immersing himself as a local in the culture of the place he was visiting and making friends endearing along the way. With that in mind, he opened his first hostel, with sofas, televisions, refrigerators, and other items that his family and friends lent him.

Later, he realized he wanted to grow beyond Uruguay and set his eyes on Colombia. He called Lucho, a Colombian friend he had met during his first backpacking trip in Europe, and proposed that he be his partner. Lucho worked for a large multinational, and he doubted it a bit, but after a week, Fede had already convinced him, and he was on board. Thus, in 2010 they opened Viajero Cartagena and Viajero San Andrés.

Today Viajero Hostels is a family of hostels with a Latin American soul. Our goal is to bring travelers and remote workers together through great spaces where they can work, relax, have unique experiences, and meet other people worldwide.

The Viajero family is getting bigger and bigger: 8 hostels in Colombia, 3 in Peru, 3 in Uruguay, 1 in Argentina, 3 in Mexico, 1 in the United States, and 1 in Ecuador. This has been possible thanks to the large group of employees and friends who enjoy meeting and hosting people from all over the world in our home.

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