Viajero Hostels: A Journey through Latin America

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Viajero Hostels: A Journey through Latin America

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The Story of Our Hostel Chain

21 destinations, 7 countries, and over 600 Latinos working!

Viajero in Spanish means TRAVELER, and the story of Viajero Hostels begins in July 2005: two backpackers decide, out of love for freedom and in an act of bravery, that the best thing that can happen to a continent like Latin America is to open a hostel—or many!

Thus, this chain of hostels is born in the brave and spontaneous act of allowing anyone to explore the beauty of Latin America on their terms. Viajero Hostels is a tale of entrepreneurship, defined by a passion for discovering new places and cultures, and making new friendships along the way.

We proudly are a Latin American chain of hostels, with 21 destinations in seven countries: Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, the United States, Ecuador, and Colombia.


Beginnings and Expansion

Viajero Hostels had its first headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2005. Those connections, born in trips around the world, sparked the expansion of our chain when two friends who met while traveling joined forces, adding to the hostel in Montevideo, the first two destinations in Colombia during the year 2010: Cartagena and San Andrés.


Our Hostels: Unique Design and Authentic Experiences

At Viajero Hostels we stand out for offering spaces with unique designs and the highest quality, with private and shared rooms at all our locations, curated space design according to each destination and, above all, for providing our guests with unforgettable experiences and opportunities for connection and funwith travelers from different parts of the world.  

Live the Viajero Experience

Each of the 21 Viajero Hostels in Latin America offers a different experience; daily activities, flavors, and spaces reflect the personality of each destination. They are always filled with comfort and warmth, with unique design and architecture thought for each location, and with a team of friendly and fun hosts so that our travelers, those who arrive alone or those who travel with friends, can connect with the local culture and make new incredible connections and friends on their journeys.


Explore, Learn, Taste

Our focus is on providing authentic travel experiences in Latin America. We invite you to explore new destinations, get to know different cultures, try local food, and discover these 21 spaces designed for you, we invite you to join us in the search for new experiences and connections. We invite you to be Travelers, not tourists.


Viajero Hostels, 2024

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