What is your next destination?

What is your next destination?

Beach, city, or nature? We have 21 destinations for you to visit in Latin America according to your tastes.

Each one will give you a different experience through design, local flavors, and daily activities.

Browse this map to see the cities where we are present, or select your preferred country/destination from the list below.

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Viajero Hostels in Colombia

Nine hostels in 9 different destinations in Colombia. From Santa Marta, Cartagena, and San Andrés, where you can enjoy the country's warm climate, the sea, and the Caribbean flavors, to Bogotá, Cali, or Medellín, where you can enjoy the city, its people, its customs, and flavors.

What city in Colombia are you going to travel to?

Viajero Hostels in México

Two hostels in 3 different cities in Mexico. Hostels where you can get to know the Mexican culture, customs, and gastronomy, stay in the center of Mexico City while you eat some taquitos and mezcal, in Sayulita while you learn to surf and enjoy the great parties, or in Oaxaca while you discover its colorful markets and taste great local food.

What destination in Mexico are you going to travel to?

Viajero Hostels in the United States

A hostel in Miami. For now, the chain's first and only to reach the United States. Enjoy the "Latin Chic" design and style of this hostel in the heart of South Beach, where travelers from all over the world come together looking to have an unforgettable experience in Miami.

When will you travel to Miami?

Viajero Miami

The hostel is in the heart of South Beach, just a few steps from the beach, in the middle of outdoor restaurants, pedestrian spaces, shops, and bars.

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Viajero Hostels joins Kokopelli Hostels in Peru

Four hostels in 4 different destinations in Peru. From the city of Cusco, where you can take walks through the city, artisan markets, or trekking to Machu Picchu, to the beaches of Paracas and the nightlife and gastronomy of Lima,to the magical but challenging dune of Huacachina

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Viajero Hostels in Argentina

In the Paris of South America, enjoy Viajero Buenos Aires, a hostel inspired by the passions of Buenos Aires, such as "el morfi" (food), la movida (plans), la camiseta (soccer), and bohemian passions. Live the culture of the porteños in a single place.

When are you traveling to Buenos Aires?

Viajero Buenos Aires

In the heart of the San Telmo neighborhood, live the true passions of Buenos Aires, enjoy the two pools we have, and the daily activities in which you will meet people from all over the world.

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Viajero Hostels in Uruguay

With two hostels, Uruguay is the birthplace of Viajero Hostels, the country where it all began. Get to know Uruguay from Montevideo, the vibrant and quiet capital, passing through Colonia, the city of sunsets.

Viajero Hostels in Ecuador

Viajero Quito, the first Viajero destination in Ecuador, is a hostel to relax, enjoy and learn about Ecuadorian culture. The hostel is in the heart of the Historic Center of Quito. Just a few steps away, you can enjoy different attractions of the city, such as museums, art centers, theaters, and more.

Viajero Quito

Walk and get to know the Historic Center of the city. Rest in the hostel's garden and enjoy the view of the volcanoes that surround Quito.

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