Viajero Hostels in Peru

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Viajero Hostels in Peru

Arriving in Peru is one of the most beautiful experiences due to the multiculturalism it offers, from its people to its landscapes. Visit Lima, the only capital in South America with a view of the sea; go through the beaches of the Bay of Paracas, to the challenging dunes of Huacachina, and to the navel of the world in Cusco: Machu Picchu. Each city has a different gastronomic and adventure proposal that allows you to connect with the local culture. In our three Peruvian destinations, you can live many activities and experiences that will nourish your trip in the best way.

From the gastronomy of Lima, kayaking through the sea of Paracas, walks through the Huacachina oasis and treks in the mountains and snow-capped peaks of Cusco, Peru awaits you with open arms.

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Walking through Peru

In Peru, adventure is guaranteed. You have come to the right place if you enjoy gastronomy, walk through streets surrounded by art and culture, ride ATVs through deserts or valleys and even climb mountains toward one of the world's wonders. We have everything for all tastes, from trying our typical food and taking walks along the Barranco boardwalk, visiting the Ballestas Islands, and relaxing in the pool under the sun, to taking a walk full of beautiful landscapes in the depths of the Andes. Peru will amaze you.

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